About Us

Today Founder website is a resource for everything related to the business founder. Our job is to research, analysis, and provide the best information and products to help you succeed in your business.

Today Founder was founded with one mission: To help business founders to start, grow, and run their businesses as simply as possible.

Starting a business can be a confusing, expensive, and frustrating experience. Our goal is to make that process easier.

Our team

Many talents work in our team, some of them are continuing with us, and some of them left us after leaving their wonderful touch. In the following list some of our team:

Mohamed Andi
Website Administrator
Education: 2010, A master’s degree in Computer Engineering. 2004, A master’s degree in planning and human resources.

Iqra Shaikh
Professional SEO Content Writer
Job: Edit, proofread, and review articles.
Education: University of Punjab, Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2012-2014.