Customer Development Vs. Marketing (Facts You Should Know)

Although there is a big difference between customer development and marketing, there is still much confusion about these two concepts. This article will clearly show the difference between them (Customer development vs. marketing) and the reasons for the confusion. Customer development vs. marketing: Marketing is oriented around executing a given plan and market strategy, while … Read more

Why Do You Need The Product Market Fit (Things You Should Know)

Loss of product-market fit is the main reason for the failure of most startups and new products. Therefore, experts emphasize that the launch of any product should be only after ensuring that the product is compatible with the market because failure will be certain if otherwise. Why do you need the product-market fit? You need … Read more

When To Use the Business Model Canvas (Helpful Tips)

Knowing when to use the business model canvas enables you to use it optimally in the right place, resulting in the desired results. This article will guide you towards achieving your aim. When to use the business model canvas? The Business model canvas is used to visually describe the business model for the accuracy and … Read more

How Startup Works (Here Are The Facts!)

Statistics tell us more than 90% of startups fail. So, knowing how a startup works can help you avoid many fatal mistakes and increase your chances of success. The Startup works by using the Lean Startup methodology; this methodology consists of three main components: Business model canvas, Customer Devolvement method, and Agile engineer. These three … Read more

3 Main Stages For Creating a Successful Company


Creating a successful company is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. But if you’re able to go through the proper stages and process, you will be able to create a successful company. When it comes to creating a successful company, there are three primary stages that you need to … Read more

5 Reasons Why Founders Must do customer Development

The customer development method relies on gathering feedback from customers to adjust the business model. This must be done agile and fast. The quality and fast response to this feedback are the cornerstones of the Customers Develop method. Only the founder can do this task; it cannot be delegated. This article will show you five … Read more

What Is The Business Model Life Cycle? (Things You Should Know)

The business model life cycle consists of several different stages. These stages are directly reflected in the business as a whole. So, knowing the life cycle of the business model and the requirements of each step prepares you to make the right decisions for your business. The business model life cycle refers to the various … Read more

How To Describe Your Business Model (Facts You Should Know)

Clearly describing your business model to others, such as partners, investors, consulters, employees, etc., enables you to share your knowledge and effort completely. This article will show you how to describe your business model clearly and easily. How should you describe your business model?  The best way to describe your business model is by using … Read more