What Are the Topics Under Knowledge Management?

Topics under knowledge management

Knowing the topics under Knowledge Management (KM) allows you and your organization to quickly improve efficiency and competitive advantage. That through the optimal use of information and knowledge circulating in the organization The topics under knowledge management refer to the topics that can be used to develop and grow the topics that enable us to … Read more

Knowledge Acquisition – Definition-Process-Example (Helpful Tips)

Knowledge acquisition

We all want to own knowledge. Knowledge acquisition has specific methods and steps. We must learn and follow these methods to reach our goal smoothly. What is the knowledge acquisition definition? Knowledge acquisition can be defined as the situation in which the organization and individuals obtain the required knowledge that helps them accomplish their work … Read more

Can knowledge be false? – Things You Should Know

can knowledge be false

Knowledge is not always the truth. Sometimes the knowledge is false and far from the truth. False knowledge is unreal knowledge. They are usually based on people claiming that they know. Sometimes we are illusory and incomplete knowledge. False knowledge is sometimes dangerous for people’s life and the environment. We must stay away from false … Read more

Can Knowledge Be Dangerous? – Here Are The Facts!

can knowledge be dangerous

Everyone says that knowledge is power, but we never thought that knowledge might be dangerous and not safe to deal with it. Knowledge can be dangerous in two cases: first, when the knowledge is incorrect or incomplete, in which case this type of knowledge can lead to significant risks, and secondly when the knowledge is … Read more

When Does Knowledge Increase? (Helpful Tips)

When does knowledge increase

In this age of knowledge, knowledge has become like money. Everyone is looking for how to increase knowledge. Increasing knowledge means more realization of the facts. By accumulating the realization of the facts, the knowledge will increase and deepen. Which affects life quality, low-Cost operations, create Feature competitive strong in a market. When does knowledge … Read more

Knowledge and Intelligence – (Things You Should Know)

knowledge and intelligence

Dear reader, have you ever thought about what distinguishes the successful and superior in life from others who have had less luck in it? It may be intelligence or knowledge, and it may be both intelligence and knowledge. What is knowledge?! And what is intelligence? In this article, we will list logical answers to questions … Read more

Knowledge Management Processes (Facts You Should Know)


You might have observed that some organizations are way ahead of others just because of the better exploitation of their knowledge resources. This is the main essence of knowledge management processes.  What are the Knowledge management processes? Knowledge management processes refer to obtaining, creating, gathering, and sharing knowledge in an organization. It focuses on saving … Read more

What is the Role of Technology in Knowledge Management?

Role of Technology in Knowledge Management?

There is a significant overlap in the relationship between knowledge management and technology, especially information technology. A clear and exact understanding of the role of technology in the knowledge management (KM) field enables you to use the appropriate technologies in this field easily and more efficiently. What is the role of technology in knowledge management? … Read more